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Microsoft will be introducing a new feature to Windows 11 that is meant to save the battery of your laptop and also, to boost the screen refresh rates whenever the system needs it. It’s the Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) feature, and true to its name, it will try to adjust the refresh rate in your laptop dynamically, switching back and forth between low and high refresh rates according to the application being run on the system. In Windows 10, you have to choose between the refresh rates and that remains static unless you change it yourself. This eats into the battery life of the laptop. With the Dynamic Refresh Rate feature inbuilt in Windows 11, we have more hope for a longer battery life.
The important thing to note is that the DRR feature is meant for Windows apps and doesn’t support video games; it is different from Variable Refresh Rate. For now, MS Office apps are most likely to get DRR first for scrolling. Other apps like Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Photos, Snip & Sketch, Drawboard PDF, Microsoft Whiteboard, Microsoft Sticky Notes, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator etc. will get scrolling and inking support.
While the feature looks promising, you’ll need a Windows 11 laptop with 120Hz display or more to make the feature work for you. Also required is the WDDM 3.0 graphics driver for the inking support.
To upgrade to Windows 11, your system should have atlest 4GB of RAM, 64GB of free storage space and a 64-bit 1 GHz dual-core processor. Windows 11 is expected to be available for download later this year when PCs with Windows 11 operating system will officially start selling.


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