Women can now find safe spaces and create communities for themselves, say influencers on conquering the content creation


“Being a woman in the content creation space has opened up the space to really voice our opinions,” says Shraddha Gurung — better known as LilMiss Gurung — a prominent digital content creator. 

Shraddha was part of a roundtable discussion on ‘The Diversity Agenda’ track at TechSparks 2021. 

The panel also featured Vishakha Fulsunge, India’s first female moto vlogger; standup comedian Aanchal Agrawal; Neha Nagar, Founder of TaxationHelp; and digital content creator and influencer Aastha Shah. 

As part of India’s booming creator economy, the group shared insights on the direction the content creation industry is heading.

“Women from a lot of South Asian countries, especially, come from a lot of restrictions,” said Aanchal, adding, “so [social media] offers a lot of safety and safe space to share their art, opinions, and perspective.” 

Aastha shared, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, social media offered a platform for entrepreneurs and brands to keep operations afloat by allowing them to spread the word about what they do and gain an audience.

Creating niche content for the Indian market

Neha echoed the sentiment and remarked on the gap she identified in terms of creating financial awareness among young people. 

In 2020, as the stock market dipped and Bitcoin hit an all-time high, being in the wealth management and finance space, she felt the need to understand more about cryptocurrency. 

“I started creating content around taxes, finance business, and after one-two videos, I got a million views, so I realised there’s demand and kept at it,” she says. 

Aastha explained she started by creating motivational content around the skin condition she lives with called vitiligo. However, after realising that repeating content becomes monotonous, she started exploring. “I started putting out painting, dancing, and...also trends,” Aastha said.

For Vishakha, becoming an influencer in the automobile space was about breaking barriers and overcoming stereotypes. When she began her journey, people found it strange that a girl was riding a bike, that too without gear and creating vlogs.  

“I wanted to inspire other girls to join this genre of my path,” she added.

Breaking out of conventions 

“I see every platform update as an added advantage to my content,” said Aanchal. She acknowledged that it is a privilege to live in a time, where creating videos requires limited production, and the whole process becomes easier every day. 

She cited Instagram Reels as an example, where the format has made it more accessible for creators and the audience.

With the convenience and reach offered by social media platforms, the panel agreed it has allowed women to explore their interests and express themselves in the virtual world. 

“It allows women across continents and in smaller towns in India to start taking this as a space to express themselves, create a community, and, in turn, become financially independent,” Aanchal concluded. 

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