Jeremiah Kitavi, Founder of iMartial Arts, Is Seeking to Invest in Agriculture in Kenya


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2022 / -- Jeremiah Kitavi, the founder of iMartial Arts, has announced his intentions to invest in Kenya's agricultural sector. The goal of this initiative is to improve access to healthy foods and reduce reliance on imports from other countries. Mr. Kitavi aims not only at addressing food insecurity but also unemployment among young people who are struggling with high rates of poverty across Africa's largest economy.

Growing up in the United States, Kitavi witnessed the effect that inequity and poverty can have on a community. He saw how these issues manifested in mental health struggles, an issue which many times hit too close to home. Kitavi decided to take action on the issues that were impacting his community, bettering himself so that he could be a service to others. He attended college while working full-time, first to study communication and later to focus on Sociology. Kitavi had started studying Martial Arts after high school, gaining early experience from ages 10-15. Then, he returned to the art in his early 20s so that he could not only develop a healthy mind and body for himself, but also hopefully one day be able to contribute to the development and health of his family, neighbors, friends, and community.

Mr. Kitavi was successful in his endeavor when he finally opened his online martial arts platform, iMartial Arts. The mission of iMartial Arts is to provide accessible martial arts instruction online. While Kitavi has a passion for helping his immediate community, he chose an online platform so that he could also reach anyone in the world who may benefit from martial arts instruction. Kitavi believes in the power of martial arts to transform the mind and body into a better-connected system, one that encourages mindfulness, grounding, flexibility, and resiliency.

These principles that Jeremiah Kitavi learned through martial arts, and the experience of helping his community at home, eventually stimulated his interest in seeking investment opportunities abroad. Jeremiah Kitavi has a special interest in investing in Africa due to his heritage. Though he was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, his family originates from Africa. He wants to use his wealth to give back to the continent that is home to more than 1 billion people. Mr. Kitavi hopes that Africa will continue on its path towards economic growth even when there are dozens of challenges facing the developing continent today.

Kitavi’s educational background in Sociology played a large role when he was initially deciding the best course of action for his investment. Recent research shows that educating community members on how best to cultivate crops will help them become self-sufficient and thus reduce poverty levels in the region. Many philanthropists prefer agricultural investments as opposed to giving aid or setting up funding initiatives because such projects enable groups of people to work together and also see results over time.

While Jeremiah Kitavi is new to agricultural investment in Africa, the need for more development in the agricultural sector is well-known. Non-profit organizations such as Farm Africa partner with rural farming communities that need assistance in their agricultural endeavors. The organization provides advice, training, and services such as animal welfare management and microfinance to these vulnerable groups of people so that they can be self-sufficient when it comes to food production. Farmers are able to produce high-quality crops which are then sold in the market, earning them an income.

It is not clear whether Mr. Kitavi will team up with philanthropic organizations such as Farm Africa to achieve his goals, but he expressed strong interest in investing in Kenya's agricultural sector whether it’s something he does on his own or through partnerships with other organizations. He also wants to inspire other African American philanthropists to invest their time and money into projects that will improve life for the citizens of Africa. For more information, view Jeremiah's featured interview in Inspirery or call 317-715-7584.

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