Colic Emerges as One of the Leading Causes of Infant Distress, Reveals Mylo’s Survey


Key findings:

  • Colic affects 46% babies, making it the second most common cause of infant distress after hunger

  • 90% of the time it’s the mothers who stay up late at night calming the babies, leaving them fatigued

  • 43% mothers prefer to switch between bottle and breastfeed


Colic is one of the most distressing problems of infancy. It is distressing for the infant as well as for the parents. Overwhelmingly, it's the mothers who tend to their colicky babies, leaving them exhausted and stressed. As a result, an increasing number of mothers alternate between breastfeeding and bottle feeding to get some much-needed rest. Mylo, a leading full-stack D2C platform for expecting and new mothers; has addressed this need and expanded its product line with the launch of a new feeding range of Mylo Essentials anti-colic baby bottles, anti-colic bottle nipples and breast pump.


Mylo Essentials Feels Natural Feeding Bottle


A distressed baby equals one stressed mother. One of the findings from a new Mylo survey of over 2500 mothers in their community revealed that mothers usually attribute their babies' discomfort to hunger (56%) and colic gas (46%), and this distressed behaviour reveals itself on a regular basis. The questionnaire gathered data from mostly mothers with infants less than 12 months of age and found that 9 out of 10 mothers have to deal with fussy babies who cry for no apparent reason (53%), cry intensely during the evenings (29%) or are still distressed even after crying. Additionally, more than half of these mothers (51%) notice these symptoms of colic three or more times per week.


Although there is an increased awareness amongst young fathers to contribute towards household chores and taking care of children, it is still the mother who 90% of the time has to be up late in the night to calm the baby. Lack of sleep is all too common for more than 90% of the moms in the poll; resulting in fatigue, stress and frustration. While 57% of mothers exclusively breastfeed their babies, an increasing 43% switch between the breast and bottle or exclusively bottle-feed. Even if a mother wants to breastfeed her baby, sometimes she is unable to because of fatigue (21%), illness (11%) or because they have to go to work (29%). Breast pump is an easy and convenient way for a mother to safely express milk that can be consumed by her baby later.


In order to cater to moms who need these flexible feeding solutions, Mylo has launched its Mylo Essentials feeding range of baby products that include anti-colic baby bottles, anti-colic nipples and a breast pump. These are high-quality, safe and easy-to-use baby products that have been developed based on feedback collected from Mylo’s community of 4mn+ users.


Sameep Mendiratta, Head-Brand & Consumer Products, Mylo says, “At Mylo, we harness the power of our large community of 4mn+ users by paying close attention to their needs and desires, which form the foundation of our R&D. To meet the needs of mothers for whom breastfeeding is sometimes not a viable option, we have expanded our product line and launched the Mylo Essentials feeding range of baby products. When the mother is unavailable or exhausted, breast pumps are a convenient supplementary option to feed breast milk to babies. Our anti-colic bottles and anti-colic nipples can help prevent spells of colic, prolonged crying and fussiness among babies.”


About Mylo

Mylo is a leading full-stack platform for expecting and new mothers. It acts as a close companion to mothers as they embark upon this journey of raising a family. The platform provides a personalised experience, a helpful community of mothers & experts, and curated products – everything a mother needs for her parenting journey. In 2020, Mylo launched its own D2C Brands for Mothers & Babies in personal care, premium Ayurveda and daily essentials based on community feedback and leveraging its R&D capabilities. Mylo has recently raised USD 17 mn in Series B funding. At Mylo, the company’s vision is to - “Raise Happiness” of all mothers as “Happy moms raise happy families”.


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